National makes Mother's Day pitch for better postnatal treatment

Louise Upston.
Louise Upston. Photo credit: Newshub.

National wants new mums to have a bit more time being cared for after giving birth.

Louise Upston has just revealed a Member's Bill which would ensure they're entitled to three days' care.

"At the moment, new mothers have 48 hours of care funded by DHBs, but we know that they’re often encouraged to leave as soon as possible," said the Taupō MP.

"This sort of pressure can cause additional stress in what is already a stressful time."

Mothers will be allowed to choose where they spend the first few days - whether that's in hospital, or at a community or private facility.

"We would make community care available to all women, no matter where they choose to give birth," said Upston, saying the cost will be up to $20 million a year - and that will be ring-fenced.

"If one mother only requires one day in care, her additional two days would be used for another mum who might need a five-day stay - and the money can't be put into other areas by DHBs.

Member's Bills go into a ballot, and are only debated by Parliament if randomly chosen.