Phil Goff wants unelected council-controlled organisations reviewed

Phil Goff.
Phil Goff. Photo credit: The AM Show

There will be a "full and independent review" of Auckland Council's council-controlled organisations if Phil Goff is re-elected Mayor.

"In 2020 it will be a decade since the Super City was established. It's the right time to do a stock take on what's working for our city and our people, and what's not."

It's the first policy Goff has announced in his re-election campaign.

The existing CCOs are Auckland Transport, Watercare, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (Ateed), Regional Facilities Auckland, Ports of Auckland and Panuku Development Auckland.

CCO boards aren't elected - they're appointed by the council.

"Public entities must act in the public good and must be accountable to the public  it's as simple as that," he said.

"There is much that the CCOs have accomplished which is good and they deserve credit for that.

"CCOs have not always understood that they need to carry communities with them and engage fully with them, in order to be successful."

Any change to how CCOs work would need the backing of central Government.

"The intention of the Super City legislation was to keep the CCOs at arms-length from council and politicians, and some 75 percent of the council's service delivery functions were placed in the hands of CCOs," said Goff.

"There is widespread concern by Aucklanders that having operational decisions made by non-elected bodies means there is no way of ensuring CCOs listen to community concerns and respond to them. While they must operate in a commercially efficient way, they are still public bodies funded by Aucklanders and need to carry their communities with them."

Goff described the CCOs as a "clique of cronies" in 2010, when he was Labour leader.

His opponents for Mayor next year so far include John Tamihere, John Palino, Craig Lord, and Joshua Love.