Pranksters buy Coalition Party websites before Brian and Hannah Tamaki can

Brian and Hannah Tamaki will have a hard time getting a website for their new Coalition New Zealand Party after pranksters bought several website addresses for it.

Comedian Tim Batt led the charge, buying two domains - one which redirects to web series the Male Gayz, which is hosted by two gay male comedians, and another which goes to a petition to take abortion out of the Crimes Act.

"I suspected they may not have done the basics (they don't have a great track record for paperwork) and found some pretty obvious domains they hadn't bought," Batt told Newshub.

"It was a spur of the moment and just a light-hearted way to protest their historic homophobia as early as possible."

The comedian was part of a counter-protest against Destiny Church's anti-civil union "Enough is Enough" march in 2004.

Batt said he believes free speech doesn't protect people from being mocked if they're open about having bigoted views.

Once he bought the initial domains others joined in, making them direct to articles in favour of abortion, the donation page for Rainbow Youth and an image of Brian Tamaki photoshopped to have a lizard tongue.

"I think the reason it's been noticed isn't anything to do with me, it's not a particularly groundbreaking joke or online protest," Batt said.

"I just think this country hates exclusionary, hateful dickheads trying to distort our politics. Sometimes the best way to combat hate is to laugh at it."

He's hopeful he won't have to keep mocking the Coalition Party right up until the 2020 election, saying he expects it to implode soon.

Brian and Hannah Tamaki launched the Coalition Party on Thursday, after hinting at forming a party in February.

They didn't put forward any specific policies but have hinted at socially conservative positions.

Hannah said in the press conference announcing the party she is worried about marijuana, euthanasia, and late-term abortion being legalised - despite no party actively pursuing legalising late-term abortion.

She would like to see abortion become illegal.

Brian has long been called homophobic and has in the past blamed gay people for natural disasters, supported Israel Folau's anti-gay social media post and called people "cry baby gays".

He will not be involved in leading the party, leaving the role to his wife.