Trevor Mallard accused of exacerbating allegations of sexual assault in Parliament

Fallout from the Debbie Francis report into bullying at Parliament is continuing, with Speaker Trevor Mallard now accused of inflaming the allegations of sexual assault.

The National Party's long-awaited culture review has also been released, but with no details on the extent of culture problems in the party.

Parliament's still reeling after allegations of 14 instances of sexual assault were found in its review into bullying

The Speaker swiftly announced that Parliamentary services removed a "threat to the safety of women".

Earlier that morning he'd said his impression is people have been raped at Parliament. 

But the man who was stood down has since spoken out to NZME denying inappropriate behaviour, saying "the accusation of rape has put me in a very dark place" .

Paula Bennett said Mallard's comments were over the line.

"I think he overstepped. I think he was reckless in the language he used, and that's caused a whole lot of problems."

The Speaker didn't directly attribute rape to the man who was stood down and Newshub understands the investigation opened last week is not a rape allegation. 

The Prime Minister is urging caution.

"Not everyone's voice is being heard in that," Jacinda Ardern said. "Some of those complaints were made confidentially because that was the environment that was required to ensure people felt safe to speak."

Mallard has not clarified whether his "rape" comments and the statement he made about a threat being removed from Parliament are connected - he wouldn't be interviewed. 

It's not the only confusion in Parliament this week. National's chosen a busy news day to release the recommendations from its own culture review - and it's left huge unknowns.

Simon Bridges ordered the review following a complaint of inappropriate touching at a Young Nats event and allegations of bullying and harassment from MPs.

The released version of the report includes no information on any alleged incidents, or on the extent of culture problems.

"We're released the summary that has the important aspects there, and we've released the code of conduct which is significant," Bridges said on Tuesday.

Recommendations include that the party update its health and safety booklet and code of conduct policy.