Winston Peters questions accuracy of Ministry of Justice’s crime research

Winston Peters has questioned a new survey from the Ministry of Justice, which says 77 percent of crime in New Zealand went unreported last year.

When asked whether he thought the research was concerning, Peters didn't seem convinced, let alone concerned.

"If it went unreported how can you, with accuracy, know it was 77 percent?" he asked reporters in a post-cabinet press conference on Monday.

He spun the question back on reporters, asking them their opinions.

"I'm not challenging that it's accurate," he told them.

"I'm asking if you think it's accurate, as reporters?"

He then went on to say he didn't think there was enough in the report.

"I'd like to have a touch more substance behind what I'm reading," he said.

Then, he came for other publications.

"It's just like when I pick up New Zealand Herald recently and see all sorts of figures about immigration without any exactitude as to what it all means," he told them.

"I'm just asking journalists, clever as you are, a simple question as to whether you believe it or not?"

One reporter replied they did believe it, as it was from the Ministry of Justice. This was not the right answer to convince Peters.

"I've been reading figures from the Ministry of Immigration for years - and I know they're not accurate," he said.

However, Peters did acknowledged he did not think 77 percent of crimes going unreported was good enough.

"Say it was 30 or 40 percent - it's still massively unsatisfactory," he said.

"That's why we need 1800 more police on the frontline which we're bringing you as fast as we can."



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