Duncan Garner's advice to Jacinda Ardern for Neve's first birthday

Neve Ardern Gayford, the daughter of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford, will celebrate her first birthday on Friday and The AM Show host Duncan Garner has some advice.

It's been nearly a year since the birth of Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford and Ardern said the family will marking it as "an acknowledgement that we made it through the first year".

"It is going to be fairly low key. I think the way I am going to describe it is we will be doing exactly the same thing most parents do on first birthdays, celebrating with a few family and friends," she told The AM Show on Tuesday.

Garner said his advice would be to hold the party away from home, to avoid needing to clean up the mess afterwards.

"Always have your birthday away from home because of the mess... you can go somewhere else and get them to clean it up.

"Just go to Maccas, they clean up, you throw them $50, they clean up, all the mess is there and you move away."

Ardern replied: "Good tip".

Garner said Fridays were a good day for a birthday, but Ardern doesn't reckon Neve will be too bothered.

"I think Friday is a great day for adults to have a birthday, I think it is neither here nor there for a one-year-old."

She said early on there had been few late nights that she felt slightly helpless, but while the nights have been long, the first year has flown by.

"I think probably in those early days when you are trying to figure out what you're doing, yes, there would have been times when you haven't slept for three days straight.

"I was very lucky, I had a great midwife, I had my mum around and so what it has made me aware of is people who don't that in those moments."

Ardern also thanked her fiance, Gayford, who she admitted has been on the night shift recently.


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