Jacinda Ardern 'absolutely' running for another term as Prime Minister

The polls would suggest she's in no danger of being rolled, but Jacinda Ardern wants voters to know she's not going anywhere. 

"I'm not interested in a job outside of just being the Prime Minister of New Zealand," she told Newshub Nation on Saturday.

"It's a privilege to do it."

Ardern was asked by host Simon Shepherd if she had her eyes on a posting overseas, after spending much of the past six months globetrotting, while admitting things at home - such as KiwiBuild - aren't exactly going to plan.

"Most of the events that I attend are ones where there's an expectation that New Zealand is represented at, so - things that all leaders represent us at - APEC, the UN General Assembly Leaders week."

Former Labour leader Helen Clark - the last one to be Prime Minister before Ardern - found a second career at the United Nations, eventually running for the top job - albeit unsuccessfully.

Clark waited until voters kicked her out before making her moves, and if Ardern ever does follow in her footsteps, it looks like she'll wait too. 

"You're committing to... running as Labour leader at the next election and hopefully being Prime Minister?" Shepherd asked.

"Yes, yes. Absolutely," she replied.

Ardern was way out in front as preferred Prime Minister in the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll on 49 percent. Her closest competitor Judith Collins, on 7.1 percent, isn't even trying to be Prime Minister - but she's way ahead of her boss Simon Bridges, languishing on 4.2. 

Jacinda Ardern.
Jacinda Ardern. Photo credit: Newshub Nation.

Collins has pledged not to roll Bridges before next year's election

Whether Ardern deserves another three years, she'll leave that up to voters.

"How would you rate your leadership out of 10?" Shepherd asked.

"I never answer that question," she replied, "because I'm not the one who has to decide whether I stay or go. Voters make their decision. And I will always be my own worst critic, and that's probably as it should be."