Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirms date of Cabinet reshuffle

The Prime Minister has confirmed she will announce a Cabinet reshuffle this week, which she has labelled "minor".

Jacinda Ardern said she will make the announcement on Thursday afternoon after undertaking "discussions in various forms" with the colleagues involved.

"Obviously I talk with colleagues who are involved. I undertake those discussions in various forms - they're not decisions taken by Cabinet," she said at post-Cabinet on Monday.

"I do want to highlight, though, I do consider them to be relatively minor."

All eyes are on Housing Minister Phil Twyford. He pulled out of an Auckland KiwiBuild summit on Monday, raising questions.

Newshub can reveal the minister was also expected to attend a Property Institute Annual Conference last week, but didn't show up. Newshub has been told his office didn't give a reason.

The KiwiBuild reset has also been pushed back, again.

In January, the Government announced it would be recalibrated. In April, the media was told it would be announced soon, but that was pushed to June, and as June draws to a close, the Prime Minister has confirmed Cabinet still hasn't signed off on it.

"We are not lessening the focus that we have on rectifying what is ultimately a crisis in our housing sector," Ardern said at post-Cabinet.

"We are undertaking something that has never been done by a Government before, and as a result, we are building more houses than any Government has since the mid-1970s.

"It's not easy, but we are not giving up."

When asked if she had confidence in Twyford, the Prime Minister said: "He has done an incredible job with a very difficult area of work. I'm not making any announcements today."

She added: "We do have a failure in the housing market and that's why the Government build programme is important. We still will have a government build programme - the rest I'm leaving to the reset."

Twyford isn't the only minister under the spotlight. Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi has been highlighted as a favourite to get a spot in the Prime Minister's Cabinet.

Faafoi is currently a minister outside of Cabinet, looking after the Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media portfolio, as well as Civil Defence, Commerce and Consumers Affairs, and Customs.