Rocket attack at Camp Taji in Iraq: No NZ Defence personnel affected - initial reports

The Government says three rockets have been fired at Camp Taji where New Zealand Defence Force personnel are stationed.

Initial NZDF reports suggested no New Zealanders have been caught up in the attack and a spokesperson for the Defence Minister told Newshub there are no official reports of casualties.

It's understood that no rockets have landed inside the camp. NZDF personnel are deployed 'behind-the wire' which means they do not leave the camp.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed on Tuesday she had received advice following reports of rocket attacks in the vicinity of Camp Taji.

"I'm told that none have come over and into the perimeter of the camp, and therefore there have been no New Zealand casualties," Ardern told Newshub in Parliament.

"I'm also advised that from time to time, we do have rockets in the vicinity of Camp Taji, and of course whilst that is not something you ever want to get used to hearing - particularly when it's in the vicinity of New Zealanders who are deployed - that is the reality of the environment that they're working in."

Camp Taji is around 27km north of Baghdad, Iraq. It's a sprawling 36km base. 

Confused reports coming out of Iraq are telling a different story. Iraqi Kurdish political official Ranj Talabany said on Twitter that five missiles struck Camp Taji, killing six and injuring 15.

Australian Defence officials have told 7 News there were no Australian troops near the site of the attacks. No mention was made about New Zealand troops.

There are currently 95 Kiwi troops training Iraqi soldiers at Camp Taji. Under the Government's plan, the first tranche of personnel will return home in July, followed by another group in January. The full deployment will end by June 2020.

The NZDF were first deployed in May 2015 by former Prime Minister John Key in non-combat roles to help with a multinational effort to defeat Islamic State.

The initial deadline of May 2017 was extended to November 2018 by Key, and then last September, Ardern extended it again.

More than 40,000 Iraqi Special Forces personnel have been trained at Taji since 2015.