Ryan Bridge: No hard evidence gun buyback scheme will make NZ safer

OPINION: Stuart Nash, are we safer? Are we better off? The answer, Police Minister, is - you have no idea.

You've just spent $200 million of my money to buy guns you've banned from good, law-abiding folks, and you have no hard evidence it'll make an iota of difference.

How do I know? I asked the police. I asked if they will get all the guns out there in the buy-back. They said, 'we'll get most'.

I asked how many guns are out there. They said, 'we don't know, probably hundreds of thousands'.

I asked how will they know they've got them all? The answer, 'we won't'.

The reality is, the good guys will hand their guns in, they're good guys.

The bad guys will run a mile - so what really is the point?

I'd have spent $200 million on prolonging the lives of stage four breast cancer patients who could benefit from cancer drugs.

I would never have pulled the trigger, not in such a rush anyway, on this shonky donkey.

Ryan Bridge is co-host of The AM Show.