Duncan Garner: Now or never for 'political animal' John Banks to seek Auckland mayorship

OPINION: It's now or never for former Auckland Mayor John Banks, who wants his old job back.

When I first heard this I thought it all feels a bit back to the future.

But he can't sit still and wonder what could happen if he tried.

This guy is a political animal. The best ones can never sleep, they always wonder if they can do it again and Banks hasn't stopped wondering. He feels he's not dead yet and has more to give.

An announcement by Banks could come as early as Friday. I believe his only reluctance is if surveys and focus groups show him to be widely out of favour with no show of beating Goff.

But from what I've seen inside the Banks camp people are interested in a competition or a fight.

Banks won't stand if his private research shows he has no chance - he doesn't want humiliation, he wants his old job back.

Goff has a fight on his hands. Everywhere he looks, there's a John wanting his gig. Tamihere. Palino. And maybe even a Banks. First John, second John, will there be a third? 

It could be a battle of biblical proportions. 

Standby Phil, your worst nightmare might just be about to say "game on".

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.

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