'Good for them': Simon Bridges says Green Party attack ad was funny

The Green Party was widely criticised for its attack ad mocking Simon Bridges, but the man himself says he wasn't offended.

The clip, which used dubbed footage of Bridges to make him look like a used car salesman with an exaggerated New Zealand accent, was pulled from Twitter on Tuesday after people accused the Greens of bullying.

But Bridges says he actually liked the ad.

"I thought it was a little bit funny, but clearly their supporters, the little petals, didn't," he told The AM Show on Wednesday morning. 

"I'm holding them to account on their taxes, which is clearly getting to them, and they're holding me to account on my accent. Good for them."

He joked that he wouldn't mind selling cars for a job as it would be "therapeutic".

"Who knows what I'll do post-politics?"

Bridges claims the "attack ads, puff pieces and non-announcements" of the last week show the Government is "in a frenzy".

"I think they're really feeling the pressure of an Opposition that's taking it to them on their taxes, their piling on New Zealanders."

When asked about the UK's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Bridges called the controversial politician "impressive". 

"I didn't want to be impressed with him, but I was. I think he'll be very good for New Zealand because he has a deep regard for the Commonwealth. Brexit means Britain will be more outward looking.

"It really ups our chances of a free trade agreement and he's on the record saying we'll be first or near the front of the queue for that."


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