Green Party MPs headed to Ihumātao

Four Green Party MPs will join the protests at Ihumātao in south Auckland on Friday.

Former MPs Catherine Delahunty and Denise Roche are already there, and current MP Golriz Ghahraman told Newshub the group wants to stand in solidarity with the protectors of the land.

"Our past isn't really in the past and... colonisation is actually continuing with this land confiscation."

She said the party has been contacted by many people upset with how the protest at Ihumātao has played out.

"We've heard across the country from young people in particular that this isn't something we want as part of who we are in New Zealand anymore, we do need to step in and bring fairness to our indigenous people."

Ghahraman will be accompanied by MPs Marama Davidson, Jan Logie and Chlöe Swarbrick. 

The crowd protesting the construction of a Fletcher Building housing development on a significant historical site considered sacred by local hapū and iwi has swelled to several hundred - and more are coming. 

Tensions at the site are growing - seven people were arrested on Thursday night after blocking northbound lanes on George Bolt Memorial Dr.

Activist Ben Rosamond says they are losing confidence in officers.

"They've broken promises here already, they've promised not to do certain things and then done them."

Rosamond is calling on the Prime Minister and Government to get involved, despite Jacinda Ardern saying her hands are tied.

"Jacinda Ardern has said that the Government aren't going to intervene here, but we've already seen a sustained police intervention here on the side of Fletchers for the last few days."

Newshub has contacted the police for comment.