Kanoa Lloyd's powerful message to Jacinda Ardern over Ihumātao

Jacinda Ardern needs to get involved in Ihumātao, The Project host Kanoa Lloyd says.

Lloyd delivered the message during Thursday night's show and said the situation out there makes her feel quite sad.

Hundreds of protesters have descended on the land, in Auckland's Mangere, demanding it be given back to Māori. A small number have been arrested, and the crowd is expected to swell on Friday.

A 480-house development is planned for the area, but protesters say the land, which is one of the country's earliest settlements, should be protected.

"I'm so sad that the Prime Minister said yesterday 'oh well we're on the side of the local iwi and we don't want to come in over that'," she said.

"The rangitahi the young people there that are protesting to have this land back are of the iwi and they are thinking of future generations.

Lloyd said she's hopeful some kind of resolution can be found because more and more people are headed to the site each day.

"I just want to say to our Prime Minister: I know it's hard and it's a really confusing situation going on there, but please step into the fray.

"You can't just wash your hands of this."


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