Kris Faafoi and Judith Collins reveal their pro-wrestling alter-egos

Look out, John Cena - here comes the 'Tokelauan Tornado'. 

Labour MP Kris Faafoi unveiled his faux pro-wrestling alter-ego on The AM Show on Friday, after being asked by host Duncan Garner what his WWE name would be. 

"I don't know," the newly-promoted Cabinet minister initially responded.

"You'd have to come up with some alliteration, something like that. Yeah. Tokelauan Tornado? Something like that."

Kris Faafoi.
Kris Faafoi. Photo credit: The AM Show

He preferred that to Garner's suggestion of 'Fast and Furious Faafoi'. 

"I'm not sure about that," the 43-year-old former journalist said. "Not fast anymore."

Judith Collins, told she wasn't allowed to use her classic 'Crusher' nickname, came up with 'Favourite Aunty'.

An unimpressed Garner suggested 'Whispering Death', perhaps a reference to ongoing rumours Collins has her sights set on rolling National leader Simon Bridges.

But AM Show sportsreader Mark Richardson came up with 'Judge Judith and Executioner', which the Papakura MP and former lawyer liked.

Kiwi WWE star Travis Banks was set to appear on The AM Show after Collins and Faafoi. Collins tweeted a photo of herself, Banks and AUT academic Richard Pamatatau chilling in the waiting room ahead of their respective interviews.



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