Labour Party poll leak: Simon Bridges' favourability drops again

Leaked polling revealed Simon Bridges' favourability is still dropping.

Newshub was given the last three years of UMR polling data, which is the poll the Labour Party relies on.

It shows the National Party is polling under 40 percent and Political Editor Tova O'Brien revealed on The AM Show it's not good news for the leadership either.

"Sixty percent of those polled have an unfavourable opinion of Simon Bridges, either unfavourable or very unfavourable, and that is in line with a Newshub-Reid Research poll as well," she said.

"We asked that question slightly differently, we asked about leaders' performance - so is Simon Bridges performing well - and 54 percent think Simon Bridges is performing poorly in the Newshub-Reid Research poll.

"So it is in line with other polls, the majority of people think he's performing poorly or unfavourably and the minority think he's doing alright."

O'Brien said the poll wasn't leaked to her from inside the Government and shows a clear trend for Bridges' leadership.

"He's not resonating with people, we know this and these polls from various different polling companies are showing those same numbers."

Newshub's June Reid-Research poll also had the National Party at less than 40 percent, sitting at 37.4 percent.

A separate poll, released in June, put the party on 44 percent, but still showed Simon Bridges in a poor position as leader with only 6 percent picking him as preferred Prime Minister.

He got 4.9 percent in the Newshub-Reid Research poll. Both polls conducted in June had Judith Collins ahead in the preferred Prime Minister stakes.