No charge for National MP Sarah Dowie over text to Jami-Lee Ross

No charge for National MP Sarah Dowie over text to Jami-Lee Ross
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National MP Sarah Dowie will not be charged over a text message sent to her former colleague Jami-Lee Ross, police say. 

Police earlier this year launched an investigation into a text message Dowie sent to Ross - a former National MP - suggesting he should die. 

No charges will be pursued against Dowie, police have confirmed to Newshub, as the complaints "did not reach the threshold of an offence". 

"After an anonymous call to Crimestoppers, police commenced a thorough investigation into this matter," a police spokesperson said. 

"The investigation has determined the text communication sent does not amount to sufficient evidence of an offence under the Harmful Digital Communications Act and as such no further action will be taken."

It's understood Dowie, the MP for Invercargill, had a long-term affair with Ross, which ended in mid-2018. 

The text message to him was sent in August last year, and Ross said it triggered his breakdown in October, which saw him sectioned under the Mental Health Act. 

An anonymous person made a complaint with police over the text in December, under the Harmful Digital Communications Act, and Ross said he didn't know who it was.