PM's press trapped in Australia as another flight breaks down

Members of the press gallery have suffered a second defeat in their efforts to return to New Zealand.

The Kiwi political journalists were accompanying Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during her visit to Australia. However their attempts to fly back home have been plagued with difficulty.

On Friday night the Defence Force plane expected to carry Ardern, her staff and the journalists home broke down due to a computer problem.

Ardern took a commercial flight back later in the evening, but many journalists were stranded deep in foreign territory.

A second attempt to fly them across the Tasman failed earlier on Saturday when their Air NZ flight was halted due to technical problems.

"Can’t believe this! After getting stranded in Melbourne after the Airforce plane broke down, my @FlyAirNZ flight back to NZ has had to turn around because of a technical issue!" one tweeted.

Several of the journalists who were trapped across the ditch have confirmed all are home safe.


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