Alan Jones threatening legal action over airing of Jacinda Ardern 'backhand' comment - report

Alan Jones is reportedly considering legal action after a show on Australia's ABC aired a comment he made about Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern six days after he made it.

Media Watch aired audio of the 2GB host suggesting Ardern get "a few backhanders" from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday night, nearly a week after the comments were made.

Several media outlets reported on the comments, many of them labelling them as new or fresh, which the Sydney Morning Herald reports angered Jones and his producers as it may have led the public to believe he doubled down on criticising Ardern after he apologised.

A member of Jones' production staff reportedly contacted Media Watch's producer to complain, and the Sydney Morning Herald reports Jones' team took an "angry approach".

The 2GB team are said to be angry a six-minute editorial was cut down to 15 seconds and did not cover all of what Jones said.

But Media Watch stood by the show and said it was necessary to cut down the segment as the show itself is only 15 minutes long.

Presenter Paul Barry said he understands Jones is considering making an official complaint about the segment.

"We were told he was planning to complain. We assumed it was to the ABC. We wish him luck with whichever he chooses," he said.

The Sydney Morning Herald, which has the same parent company as 2GB, reports Jones' team is considering legal action.

Jones told Nine News the incident has left him the victim of a social media campaign and he's not bothered by advertisers dropping out of his show.

"It seems to be okay that you can, in social media, about Alan Jones say, 'We should kill him'... the language being used about me is extraordinary," Jones said.

"I've got no comment about the advertisers, they can make their own judgment - but they go, there will be others to take their place."