Clare Curran to leave Parliament at 2020 election

A woman.
Clare Curran. Photo credit: Newshub.

Labour Party MP Clare Curran will leave Parliament at the 2020 election.

The party announced she will not stand for re-election next year and will instead move on to other pursuits.

"I've loved every minute of representing the people of Dunedin South and I will miss the local electorate issues enormously," she said. 

"I've always preferred to battle for the ordinary people who all too often struggle to be heard above the clamour of those with more resources and a louder voice. "

Curran's retirement will bring her 12-year-long career as an MP to a close. Her time in office was marred by scandal, particularly when she was a Cabinet minister.

Curran was caught failing to declare meetings multiple times, the first of which led to the resignation of Carol Hirschfeld from RNZ.

She was dumped from Cabinet in August 2018 after an undisclosed meeting with Derek Handley over the Government's vacant Chief Technology Officer role.

She resigned as a minister after flubbing questions from opposition MP Melissa Lee over her use of a personal Gmail account for ministerial work.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wished Curran all the best for whatever she moves on to next.

"I came into Parliament at the same time as Clare and got to know her really well over the years.

"You'd be hard-pressed to find someone more genuine and passionate about the work she did on public broadcasting, technology issues and as a representative for the place she loved - South Dunedin."

Finance Minister Grant Robertson said she was a "courageous, heart on sleeve" politician.

"Her work on ICT+ Broadcasting took on big challenges. The last year has been really tough but she remains a fearless advocate for her community. Thanks for everything Clare."