Jacinda Ardern was sent 'lewd' unsolicited image on Twitter

Jacinda Ardern has opened up about receiving an unsolicited image on Twitter, describing it as "lewd". 

The Prime Minister said she received the image "quite a while ago" and that the person in the image had "quite a recognisable tattoo". 

Speaking to ZM on Friday, Ardern said: "I consider myself to live a pretty tame life."

Nevertheless, Ardern said she was once tweeted an image that was so inappropriate, "lewd doesn't even capture" how bad it was. 

"The thing that surprised me the most was there was quite a recognisable tattoo," the Prime Minister revealed. 

"If you're going to do something anonymously, don't have any identifying body features. That's a fail there."

Ardern had been discussing a new law in the US state of Texas that makes it illegal for a person to send nude photos that haven't been requested. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was reported saying: "Many people - especially women - get unwanted sexually explicit pictures by text or social media. 

"Now, it's illegal in Texas."

On Twitter, Abbott described the practice as "disgusting". 

Anyone found guilty of doing it in Texas could face a US $500 (NZ$795) fine.

Last year a UK study by YouGov found that four in 10 women had been sent unsolicited sexual images. 

The survey found that 40 percent of women aged 18 to 34 had received images sexual images from a person who was not their romantic partner. 

Ardern said she thought the 40 percent figure was "a bit low". 

MPs in the UK have called for stronger measures to tackle the sending of unsolicited sexual images and viewing of pornography. 

Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin told Newshub this week she is considering sweeping changes to rules governing pornography.

The Prime Minister did not wish to comment further. 


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