James Shaw's awkward moment on The AM Show defending relationship with Marama Davidson

James Shaw had an awkward moment on The AM Show this morning when he was asked about his relationship with co-leader Marama Davidson.

The Statistics Minister was on the show to discuss the outcomes of a review into 2018's disastrous census, which led to the resignation of Government Statistician Liz Macpherson.

But host Duncan Garner wanted to know about how Shaw is getting along with his co-leader Marama Davidson.

"Marama Davidson, you guys get on okay? You and her as co-leaders," he said.

"Yes, we do," Shaw answered quickly, pausing for nearly four seconds before saying: "Why are you asking?"

Shaw has faced criticism for his leadership recently, and National Party leader Simon Bridges suggested on The AM Show last week the co-leader is on the outs with the party.

"My understanding is all around him the other Green MPs are all with Marama [Davidson] and he's becoming increasingly disenfranchised in his party."

Davidson has previously defended the pair's relationship, telling Newshub Nation the pair gets along well.

"We've had a long, good working relationship since before I became co-leader, and obviously it's become a closer, more regular friendship alongside a co-leadership," she said. 

"I really like that we can pick up different, complementary roles, that we can take turns on the various responsibilities of leadership of a party, and that will continue and that will carry on."


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