Labour's attempts to make petrol more affordable futile - Simon Bridges

Simon Bridges has lashed out at the Labour Party's handling of petrol prices, complaining there's no way to lower prices while their taxes are in place.

A draft market study from the Commerce Commission has found New Zealanders are paying too much for gas, which is driven by a lack of competition.

But opponents of the Labour Party have pointed the finger at the tax rises since it took Government, which was 3-4 cents per litre a year, as well as an 11.5 cent regional fuel tax in Auckland.

Bridges told The AM Show increasing competition is all well and good, but dropping the tax load would help immensely.

"We all know competition we want more of it, that's what the report says that's all well and good," the National Party leader said.

"But there is nothing in this report that gets around the fact that repealing the regional fuel tax, that I am promising New Zealanders I would do, will do more than anything Jacinda Ardern, Grant Robertson or the Government is saying."

Bridges wouldn't commit to repealing Labour's fuel excise increases though and the regional fuel tax only affects motorists in Auckland.

Drivers unaffected by the fuel tax are already paying around the same as Aucklanders. Areas like the West Coast, Queenstown Lakes and South Wairarapa pay an average of $2.20 a litre.

Bridges also said he would not increase fuel taxes in his first term if he gets into Government, but left the door open for what would happen after that.


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