National's superannuation proposal could rule out Winston Peters as a coalition partner

Watch out Generation X - Simon Bridges is coming for your superannuation. 

The National leader announced Monday that if he is elected, anyone under 47 years old will not receive superannuation when they hit 65, instead, they will have to wait until they are 67 years old.

By saying that, he's raised questions over whether he'd be able to form a coalition with Winston Peters at the next election.

"It's pretty simple, we want to make sure that superannuation is sustainable," said Bridges on Monday.

It's risky territory - so risky Prime Ministers have put their job on the line over it. 

Sir John Key said he would rather resign as Prime Minister, and Jacinda Ardern says while she leads any form of Government, she will not increase the retirement age.

Under National the retirement age would increase gradually from 2037 - going up six months a year until it reaches 67.

If you're 47 right now - bank on getting your superannuation at 65.

But anyone younger than 47 might be out of luck.

Bridges isn't too concerned.

"Ultimately what it means is - not a lot actually if you're born prior to 1972" said Bridges.

Translation: the Baby Boomers will be all right.

 Another change - migrants would need to live in New Zealand for 20 years before they are eligible for super. Currently its 10 years - not that Simon Bridges really knew that.

"If you've only been in New Zealand seven, eight, nine years to then have superannuation for the rest of your life from 65 I don't think is a fair go," Bridges told Newshub on Monday.

"We'll move that to 20 years," he continued. 

You can hardly have a conversation about super without Winston Peters being mentioned.

Messing with super is no joking matter when it comes to Winston Peters. 

The announcement means it's looking increasingly difficult for Peters and Bridges to work together. Bridges has said he won't make any announcements about who he will or won't work with until next year and Peters always waits until after the election to rule out parties

But it is difficult to see a policy like this getting through a coalition negotiation with Peters.

If National wants to work with NZ First they'll likely have to pick either Peters or the policy.