New details revealed about restrictions placed on alleged victims of Labour Party staffer

Newshub can reveal new details about the restrictions placed on the alleged victims of a Labour Party staffer while their allegations of sexual harassment and bullying were being investigated.

Leaked emails from the Labour Party to the complainants tell the alleged victims to avoid certain areas of Parliament. 

"We feel that maintaining a physical separation is an appropriate interim measure," said Labour Party General Secretary Andre Anderson.

The accused staffer was also told to avoid a particular area of Parliament.

"That's appalling. They are literally fearful. I'm hearing of panic attacks, severe anxiety, and they are told to avoid the person that's causing that?" Deputy Leader of the National Party, Paula Bennett, told Newshub.

"They talk of intimidating behaviour, and I suppose they have absolutely no faith in the process that will come from the Prime Minister's office and that they will be heard and be taken seriously."

Bennett has slammed Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for her role in the allegations levelled at the Labour staffer.

Bennett says one Parliamentary worker came to her for help after becoming concerned about the staffer's behaviour. The worker also claimed to be fearful of the staffer.

Earlier this week, Newshub revealed Labour had been forced to review an investigation into complaints made by seven people over unacceptable behaviour from the staffer. 

It's unclear whether the person who went to Bennett is one of those involved. However, the Prime Minister's office says all the complaints have been investigated.

At least four people have cut ties with Labour over the allegations. Complainants told Newshub of suffering panic attacks and being forced to take time off work because of their distress.

Bennett has taken the concerns to the speaker, who had no comment for Newshub.

"They feel they are losing all options and actually losing hope. They talked about people feeling extremely unsafe and actually fearful," says Bennett.

She says they have taken the extraordinary step of going to the Opposition as they felt they weren't being heard by Labour.

Bennett says a second person has now come to her with complaints about the staffer.

The Prime Minister wouldn't be interviewed, but a spokesperson told Newshub the issues raised with Bennett have not been raised with Ardern's office, Parliamentary or ministerial services - to the best of their knowledge.