Pharmac considers funding breast cancer drug Kadcyla advocates have been fighting for

Malcolm Mulholland and his wife Wiki who has cancer.
Malcolm Mulholland and his wife Wiki who has cancer. Photo credit: The AM Show

The Government's drug-buying agency Pharmac is considering funding three new drugs - including one which advocates have been hard fighting for. 

Pharmac is seeking feedback on whether to fund Alecensa, which treats lung cancer, breast cancer drug Kadcyla and Ocrevus for relapsing multiple sclerosis. 

The breast cancer drug Kadcyla has been at the centre of protests and petitions to Pharmac.

Newshub has spoken to two men whose wives have breast cancer and who've been fighting for funding for the drug. They see the proposed funding as a massive win.

Malcolm Mulholland's wife Wiki has cancer. He told Newshub Pharmac's announcement is "awesome news" and said, "lives will be extended". 

Troy Elliot and his wife Tracey have been spending $9000 every three weeks to pay for Kadcyla. 

They had been planning on selling their house to pay for the treatment, but Elliot says they won't have to if the treatment is funded. 

Cancer is shaping up to be a major election year battleground. National has said if elected, it would create a cancer agency and $200 million fund to pay for drugs like Kadcyla.

The Government is yet to announce its cancer action plan, but this announcement from Pharmac - even though it's not set in stone - is giving hope to cancer patients right across the country.