Watch: Simon Bridges says gun laws soft on 'crims, gangs and extremists'

  • 28/08/2019

National leader Simon Bridges says he is unlikely to support the second round of the Government's gun law reforms.

A copy of the draft legislation was leaked to National and Bridges says the laws are soft on criminals and gangs.

He was on message, saying at least 10 times the laws attack "law abiding citizens" and don't go hard enough on "crims, gangs and extremists."

"There's no politics. It's simply a question of a next series of laws that seem to be aimed at good, law abiding people rather than criminals, the gangs and extremists," Bridges said.

Bridges says he'd rethink his position supporting the Bill if the Government was to adopt its policy of Firearms Protection Orders, which would in theory widen police powers to search the homes and cars of gang members for firearms.

National supported the first tranche of gun law changes put forward by the Government following the March 15 Christchurch terror attack.