Alan Jones' apology letter to PM Jacinda Ardern revealed

Aussie shock jock Alan Jones told Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern he "would never wish any harm" on her in an apology letter following his controversial tirade against her.

On August 15, Jones blasted Ardern, saying Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison should "shove a sock down her throat" after she called Morrison out over Australia's climate change stance.

He later apologised on air and sent her a letter of apology. Newshub obtained a copy of the letter through the Official Information Act.

"While I may disagree with your stance on climate change, I would never wish any harm to you," he says.

"One of my comments, which has been broadly reported and doesn't need to be repeated here, didn't come out quite as I intended. I had meant to say "put a sock in it" and my actual words were taken literally by some who took offence on your behalf."

Advertisers boycotted Jones' station 2GB following the remarks and Australian media have reported his show is under review.

Jones insists he didn't mean to incite violence.

"Prime Minister, I would like to assure you that I did not intend to suggest any violence towards you."

Jones then boldly requests an interview with the Prime Minister, who he called a "joke" and an "absolute and utter lightweight" during the controversial broadcast. 

"I would also like to extend a standing invitation to participate in an interview on my program, which would allow us to constructively debate the issue of climate change."

Ardern has not appeared on his show.

Newshub also requested any internal correspondence from within the Prime Minister's office relating to Jones' comments - it was denied by Ardern's chief of staff - citing the need to allow "free and frank expression of opinions" by officials.

Alan Jones' apology letter to PM Jacinda Ardern revealed
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