'Cheap and nasty': Winston Peters gives more details about hospital flowers from Paula Bennett

Winston Peters and Paula Bennett.
Winston Peters and Paula Bennett. Photo credit: Getty

Winston Peters has given more details about the flowers he received from Paula Bennett last month while in hospital.

The Deputy Prime Minister struck out at Bennett on Twitter at the time, saying the gift was in "seriously bad taste".

He elaborated on that on Tuesday, saying Bennett's act was "cheap and nasty and really with a singular lack of grace and class".

"You all saw on her Facebook that big bouquet of flowers... and she imaged it as having been sent to me. Of course, that wasn't true," Peters told Magic Talk.

"What she had done was get a handful of daffodils, put a ribbon around them, send them to the wrong place - namely my home when I was in hospital - and tell two of her female media mates," he said.

"Are you smelling a sort of city behaviour rat here? Well, I was."

At the time, Peters said he gave the flowers away to an elderly patient who had no idea where they came from.

Bennett declined to comment about  Peters' remarks.

The Deputy Prime Minister was in hospital for minor surgery on an old rugby injury on his leg.

He said his recovery was "getting there", and when asked if he had any ongoing health issues that the people of New Zealand should be concerned over, replied "I'm not worried about them and the great news is you shouldn't worry about them either".