Duncan Garner: Jacinda Ardern not knowing about sexual assault allegations is massive stretch

OPINION: Two years is a long time in office isn't it.

Didn't Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson look shabby, defensive and stressed last night?

Ardern has just used up a whole heap of her political credit in the space of just 24 hours. 

Now, one scandal doesn't sink a Prime Minister, but boy - this one is starting to more than bite.

So there's an alleged assault in the Labour Party - staffer on young volunteer - and it's well-documented that it's of a sexual nature.

It's impossible to believe the president Nigel Haworth ignored the emails - indeed he set up the investigation. His credibility is shot, he had to go - that Ardern didn't see that days ago is worrying. 

Her judgement was off - her approach, lame.

But worse still is if we are to believe her - that she didn't know - then why didn't she know and why did no one tell her? 

I find it a massive stretch and I am struggling to believe she didn't know.

To believe she didn't know means we have to think she walked around with earmuffs on and never read any emails and didn't talk to any of her staff and ignored Robertson at all times.

This is big news overseas too. The Guardian. Evening Standard, the Times, CNN, all running it, saying the PM hasn't acted swiftly enough. Her image overseas is being tarnished too.

They have this thing in political parties and in Government called the no-surprises policy. Really, did everyone at every level ignore it?

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.