Duncan Garner: Nigel Haworth must resign over Labour sexual assault investigation

OPINION: I should warn you, some of the detail I am about to tell you is of a sexual nature. It's grubby, and if proven, is a crime. 

But first, Labour Party President Nigel Haworth should do the honourable thing and resign this morning over this alleged sexual assault.

Why he hasn't shows how deluded he and the party is over this series of complaints against a senior Labour party staffer. 

While we're at it, why this alleged creep enjoys the equivalent of name suppression is beyond me. 

So what's the core issue? Simple - this alleged offender is accused of committing a prolonged sexual assault, the victim being a 19-year-old Labour Party volunteer. 

It was early 2018, and the complainant had been invited to a meeting at the senior staffer's home. He allegedly started to grope her, before pulling her off the chair and holding her down and sexually assaulting her. 

These volunteers are meant to be safe. 

Now, this goes back to the start of the year. Labour investigated and found there was nothing to see here. It was done and dusted in March, and President Nigel Haworth made the wrong call. What woeful judgement.

Now the party apparently disputes the fact that they were ever told sexual assault was being alleged. But there should have been alarm bells ringing in the president's ears. He should have privately briefed the Prime Minister immediately, and the cops called in.

As for Jacinda Ardern - do you live under a rock? Where are you? Why didn't you ask more questions? This should have more than piqued your interest. 

Helen Clark had henchmen, and I still remember their names. Tony Timms, Grant Robertson - went on to bigger things, didn't he? Heather Simpson, henchwoman. Clark would know everything, but with Jacinda it's wishy-washy, and that's being nice.

Ardern needs to get busy, get involved, poke her nose in. It's weak. On this one, she sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil. Hands-on, there are no excuses.

This is your party, your office, your problem. It defies credibility to believe you knew nothing. You say you're "seeking clarity" - that's code for "you're finally doing your job".

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.

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