Government looking at banning most flavours of vape liquid, would only allow three

The Government is considering banning most flavours of vape liquid and only allowing three flavours to be sold.

Associate Minister of Health Jenny Salesa told Newshub the move will be part of legislation on vaping expected to be introduced to Parliament soon.

"The legislation that I'm about to introduce to the house will ban most flavours - I will be allowing at the moment at least three flavours which will include tobacco, menthol and mint."

It's got vaping companies up in arms though, with one owner claiming the legislation will kill a valuable quitting tool and lead to people mixing their own flavours.

"Limiting vaping flavours will only make it harder for those wanting to quit tobacco and its killer consequences. That would be a very poor 'wellbeing' outcome for this Government," Alt New Zealand and Vapo owner Ben Pryor said in a statement.

Flavours aren't the only thing expected to be covered in the upcoming legislation. Salesa says she's also interested in advertising and pricing.

"Similar to tobacco, we will ban advertising, social media, all of that is not going to be allowed under the new legislation," Salesa said.

"Discounts, two for one, all of that will not be allowed."