Greens may have given away clue about KiwiBuild reset

The Green Party seems to have accidentally given away a clue about the Government's hotly-anticipated KiwiBuild reset: that a rent-to-own scheme could be in the mix.

On Monday afternoon, two days out from the Government announcing the reset, Newshub received a text from the Greens about the party's rent-to-own policy, saying "if rent-to-own is included in the KiwiBuild reset on Wednesday did you want to talk to Marama? You can cancel if it's not included."

The Greens say they were just trying to be helpful, but it is extremely unusual to offer an interview in advance for something if it's not going to happen, and having to cancel the interview would draw attention to the Greens policy not being included in the reset.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wouldn't say if rent-to-own is included, but confirmed the Greens have been fully consulted on the KiwiBuild reset which has finally been approved by Cabinet. 

"We engage our confidence and supply coalition partners throughout the crafting and drafting of Cabinet papers and Cabinet Committee papers - that's our normal practice," Ardern said. 

A rent-to-own scheme as part of KiwiBuild is in the Greens' confidence and supply agreement with Labour, so it wouldn't be a total shock if it's included.

But this potential slip-up is problematic because the reset is so top secret.

The Government has been hermetically sealed on the details, not even giving away hints about whether the name will remain - though it probably will.