'I may well': Helen Clark says she would consider seeking illegal cannabis for pain relief

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has admitted she would consider seeking illegal cannabis for pain relief, if needed.

It comes as the debate about the drug is heating up - with a referendum due to take place next year.

Clark, a 'Vote Yes' campaigner, told Newshub's Patrick Gower she would think about using medicinal cannabis, if her only other option was heavy doses of morphine.

"If it was me, and I think nothing else would give me relief, I may well [use it].

"You'd be crazy not to think about it," she said.

Clark said in her position, she wouldn't consider giving her 97-year-old dad cannabis for his chronic pain. She said however she may recommend it to him should it become legal.

"I think for dad, he just wants something to give him relief.

"If it was legal, and he thought it would help, yes I'd probably say 'have you thought about it'?"

Clark said the money we spend on prosecution and enforcement of cannabis offences could be better utilised.

Gower's On Weed documentary revealed on Wednesday night it costs $200 million a year to keep on top of the drug. 

"We can all spend that $200 million on something that's constructive not destructive," Clark said.

You can watch the full On Weed documentary on ThreeNow.