'It's my job to fix this, and I will' - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Labour sexual assault scandal

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is pledging to fix the problems caused by the ongoing sexual assault scandal.

This week saw both the accused staffer and the Labour Party president resign, while Ardern maintained she had not been aware the complaints were of a sexual nature until a report on Monday laid out the complaints in detail - despite emails showing party officials knew six months ago.

Newshub reported on the allegations in early August, but Ardern said she went to Labour officials who said no official sexual assault claim had been raised with them.

Ardern, speaking to reporters in Christchurch on Friday, admitted there had been problems with the process.

"There are things obviously that need to change," she said. "Now we've got to get on with the job of creating that change, and that's part of what I've said I'll absolutely be doing.

"Obviously, it's my job to fix this, and I will."

Ardern said her job as Labour Party leader was to create a safe environment.

"Obviously that has not happened in this case - complainants haven't felt heard."

She told the media she had not yet spoken to the complainants.

"I've openly said I'm very willing to meet with the complainants, it's just a matter of working through what point in the process that will take place.

"I'm leaving it in their court."