Jacinda Ardern hints teaching New Zealand's Land Wars could be compulsory

The Prime Minister kicked off Māori Language Week with a hint that teaching New Zealand's Land Wars could become compulsory in schools.

But she's still shying away from compulsory Te Reo, pointing to a lack of resources.

Haka and waiata have Wellington's streets with a powerful message - "let the language live".

Faith Siamani and Lara Wild both learn te reo Māori at St Mary's School in Wellington. They think it should be a compulsory subject.

But the Prime Minister won't make everyone learn as she will not make it compulsory in schools.

However she is signalling an education announcement. Could it be that teaching the Treaty of Waitangi becomes compulsory?

This year at Waitangi, the Prime Minister fumbled when asked to cite the Articles of the Treaty. Willie Jackson had to come to her rescue.

This highlights the need for treaty teaching - and more. Because New Zealanders should all know our history.