Jacinda Ardern, in US talk show appearance, calls on world leaders to be less divisive

Jacinda Ardern has appeared on a US news show, speaking out about the impact of divisive language.

The Prime Minister told CBS breakfast programme This Morning she's not singling out any one person, but leaders need to be careful with how they speak as the views of the world are more accessible than ever.

"We're actually all amplified within each other's borders so nothing that we say in our own countries anymore is just limited to that," she told hosts Gayle King, Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil.

"People hear each other now and our peoples feel the effect of that. I don't say that to point to any one leader - actually that's a duty of care that we all have and in this borderless world now. I think we need to be mindful that other countries hear it, kids hear it, and our words, they have impact."

Ardern also mentioned Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, who presented an emotional speech to the United Nations Climate Action Summit on Tuesday (NZ time).

"I certainly did [hear her], and I think that we had heard her some time ago, but it was whether or not everyone that needed to hear it at a given time were in the room."

Ardern's daughter Neve also got a mention, as the Prime Minister explained why the one-year-old didn't make another appearance at the UN in 2019.

"[She's] very busy! I wonder if I brought a toddler now there would be other national news out of that."