Jacinda Ardern, Mark Richardson find common ground on climate change

Sparring adversaries Jacinda Ardern and Mark Richardson surprisingly found something they agreed upon on Tuesday.

Ardern and Richardson have had a rocky relationship over the last two years, beginning infamously in 2017 when the pair argued over whether women should be required to tell their employers if they are planning to have children. 

Since then they've had a range of squabbles on The AM Show over Ardern's Government's direction, but the pair may have found something they're on the same page on.

On Tuesday, at the end of her weekly interview, Ardern asked The AM Show host Duncan Garner whether he was going to ask her about climate change. 

"You were meant to do climate change, I believe you are a part of a group that is quite worried about climate change as journalists," she said. 

Ardern was referencing the global campaign called "Covering Climate Now" - a commitment Newshub has signed up to about bringing awareness to the issues surrounding climate change. 

Garner responded by saying he had "run out of time" to ask Ardern about the topic, to which she said: "There is always time for climate change".

Richardson then jumped in, pointing out what he thought was irony.

"That is quite ironic. We have run out of time. That is what we could say when it comes to climate change as well."

Ardern was stunned, shocked the pair may have found something they both agreed on. 

"That is absolutely right. Do we actually agree on an issue?... Note this down, the one moment in time."

Garner asked whether the pair wanted to have a selfie to capture the surprising moment, but Richardson quickly fired back: "No".

"That was a bit quick," Ardern replied.

The Covering Climate Now initiative includes more than 250 outlets worldwide with a combined audience of more than 1 billion people. In the lead up to the United Nations Climate Summit on September 23, outlets will emphasise climate stories to maximise coverage.