Jacinda Ardern meets UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for first time

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has had her first face to face with United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Johnson reaffirmed UK commitment to the Christchurch Call during the talks. The UK signed on under former PM Theresa May.

Johnson also expressed condolences and concern regarding the March 15 terrorist attack in Christchurch during Monday's meeting. 

Ardern called it "very friendly and productive". As expected the talks were centred around a post-Brexit free trade deal. 

The Prime Minister raised the issue of Tariff Rate Quotas on New Zealand exports to the UK and reiterated New Zealand's position that our exporters should be no worse off post-Brexit. Johnson agreed to have a look at this issue.

She also raised her wish to ensure skilled migrants maintained access to the UK. The Prime Minister says that was received positively by Johnson.

The pair also discussed the strike on Saudi Arabia oil facilities and security and intelligence issues.