Labour MP Kieran McAnulty booted from House for mocking Simon Bridges

Cabinet Minister Shane Jones and a Labour MP have been kicked out of the House by the Speaker during a heated discussion about climate change. 

Kieran McAnulty, a Labour list MP, made a comment about National leader Simon Bridges dancing in his chair "like a fool", which prompted House Speaker Trevor Mallard to kick him out.  

The chaos ensued during question time in Parliament on Wednesday, during which Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's meeting with US President Donald Trump in New York was discussed. 

National's environment spokesperson Scott Simpson sparked debate by mentioning international commentary about the Prime Minister not raising climate change issues during her meeting with the President. 

It led to tongue-in-cheek remarks from MPs across the House, including McAnulty's comment about Bridges, which got him booted out. 

The Speaker then booted New Zealand First MP Shane Jones from the House for a comment he made, which was not clear enough to make out. 

Jones asked the Speaker for how long we would be kicked out. 

The Speaker replied: "Until I decide the member can return."

Mallard added: "Can I make the obvious comment to members who are showing some lack of understanding of what's going on: when I make a ruling, it is not to be the subject of commentary from either side."