Labour Party alleged sexual assault victims felt Jacinda Ardern 'didn't care' - Paula Bennett

National Party MP Paula Bennett says victims of alleged assault within the Labour Party feel like Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern doesn't care about them.

Bennett has been dealing with some victims directly after they approached her, dissatisfied with the way the party handled their complaints.

Fresh reporting revealed the detail of one of the complainant's stories on Monday after Newshub initially broke the story of the allegations of bullying, intimidation and sexual assault by a Labour Party staffer in August.

Bennett said the people she's spoken to feel let down.

"They all felt like they had reported to her [Ardern] because they had gone to her most senior advisers and they just genuinely felt like she didn't care."

Ardern denies being told the allegations made against the staffer were physical or sexual in nature. 

She told The AM Show the Labour Party maintains none of the allegations brought to it were sexual in nature.

Bennett says the victims she's spoken to are disappointed with the whole process and it looks like the party is trying to save its reputation, especially with a review focusing on the process the party went through looking at the allegations.

"These victims contacted me again and just went 'oh my goodness it's not about the process, it's about what happened to us' and yet again it felt like to them it was butt-covering.

"It was 'well we can now kick it for touch, say we've got someone independently looking at it', all the while these people are going through such extreme trauma."

She also said victims have told her they saw the alleged perpetrator at Parliament after the allegations surfaced, contradicting what Ardern said earlier on Tuesday.

"They're still seeing him in the building, I'm sorry I did hear her this morning and she is being misled yet again.

"I have it from one of the victims that they saw him in the buildings of Parliament after the QC had been appointed."

"He still has been around," she said.