Labour sexual assault scandal: Poll - Do you believe Jacinda Ardern?

  • 13/09/2019

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern continues to maintain she was unaware of sexual assault allegations against a Labour Party staffer until this week.

That's despite the allegations being raised by Newshub on August 5 and as well as in an email sent to Labour six months ago by a complainant. The party denies it knew of the claims.

Ardern says she sought information about sexual assault allegations following the media coverage five weeks ago, but was told by the party that no such claims had been disclosed.

"In seeking those assurances, I was advised that that had not been the case."

But National deputy leader Paula Bennett says Ardern knew, and the Prime Minister's credibility has also been questioned by political commentators like Chris Trotter and Duncan Garner.

"After the Christchurch shootings, credibility - nine [out of 10]. Today, five - and falling," said Trotter - a left-leaning commentator - on Thursday.

Do you believe Jacinda Ardern?