Man accused of assault at young Labour camp pleads guilty to amended charges

The entrance to a court building.
Auckland District Court. Photo credit: GoogleMaps

A man on trial for his actions at a Young Labour camp has pleaded guilty to amended charges.

The Crown had alleged the 20-year-old assaulted two males and two females at the camp in Waihi last February.

Events took place the evening, after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had addressed attendees at the camp, the prosecution alleged.

The man had been on trial on four charges of indecent assault, but the two charges relating to the alleged incidents involving women were dropped and the other two were changed to common assault.

The man's lawyer said in a statement that her client had always been willing to take responsibility for the common assault charges.

"My client is not a sexual offender and appropriately the Crown have now recognised that. We are grateful that what happened that night has been seen for what it really was: drunken antics at a party. 

"My client is a young man who got caught up in a political storm and the pressure has been enormous. He is looking forward to putting this all behind him and getting back to his studies."

The trial was expected to last four days, but he pleaded guilty to the new charges on Wednesday, the third day in court. Sentencing will take place in November.

Name suppression remains for the offender, complainants and the women.