Mayoral candidate Lisa Lewis vows to never streak again

If you were planning to vote Lisa Lewis for Hamilton Mayor hoping she'd do a victory streak, perhaps consider another candidate.

The sex worker's thrown her hat in the ring for the second time, after an unsuccessful 2010 run that saw her come fourth, nearly 12,000 votes behind winner Julie Hardaker

"In 2010 I actually didn't try," she told The AM Show on Monday.

"I probably was a little bit - not probably, I was very young and very silly. At 30 years of age I saw myself as being too young to be Mayor. At 38 years of age, I've matured a lot and I've learnt from life experiences - including some dumb things I've done."

Streaking at an All Blacks-Ireland match in 2006 isn't one them. 

"I definitely wouldn't do it again, but at the time I'd written a bucket list - and it was on the bucket list. I'm someone that if I'm wanting to do something, I'm very determined and I want to follow that through."

It's that commitment she says would make her a good Mayor. 

"I've been so honest about everything I've done in my lifetime, including a career that's often stigmatised, I feel that people do take me seriously because in the past - and now - when I say I'm going to do something, I follow through with it."

While some might turn their nose up at voting for a sex worker, Lewis says she's spent 20 years in the industry - and she'd bring a similar loyalty to her civic duties, should Hamilton elect her.

Lisa Lewis' new professional image, as seen on her website.
Lisa Lewis' new professional image, as seen on her website. Photo credit: Lisa Lewis

The AM Show host Duncan Garner asked if she'd rate the city's notorious strip bar Firecats as one of its main attractions.

"Are you speaking from history?" she snapped back. 

As for her ideas for the city - one of the country's fastest-growing, but often mocked - Lewis wants to spice up the main street.

"I had an idea about bringing tuk-tuks on bicycles. I think they would be a great idea for climate change. And I think the atmosphere in terms of wining and dining, it would assist the place in reducing people drink-driving... Young people, give them a job, job employment. Run it like a business. That's one concept I had for the city." 

Lisa Lewis.
Lisa Lewis. Photo credit: The AM Show

Her opponents include present councillors James Casson, Angela O'Leary and Paula Southgate, recent uni graduate Louise Hutt, engineer Mike West, activist Jack Gielen, and incumbent Mayor Andrew King. 

In 2016, King beat Southgate by only six votes. Casson made headlines earlier this year when he called for public mourning for the victims of the Christchurch mosque attack to end, prompting one of his colleagues to call him a "dickhead"

Lewis in August complained she was being left out of candidate events because of her profession.