Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was sent email by alleged sexual assault victim

The Prime Minister says she is not in direct contact with any of the complainants in the Labour sexual assault and bullying investigation.

But Newshub was copied into an email on Thursday night, which was - sent directly to Jacinda Ardern - from someone who says they told Labour they were assaulted by the staffer who resigned yesterday.

The Prime Minister was asked if on Friday afternoon if she'd had any feedback or any response from the complainants.

"Anything, any response - generally obviously I'm not direct contact," she told reporters in Christchurch.

But on Thursday night - there was direct contact to the Prime Minister's inbox.

Copied in were the deputy Labour leader, Paula Bennett, another journalist and Newshub.

The email began "Dear Jacinda, I am one of the women who was assaulted...."

But Ardern said she's not expecting any contact from complainants yet.

"I think probably think the point at which I receive that is when I'm able to meet with them."

The Prime Minister had sought feedback. One complainant showed Newshub an email Ardern had sent to Labour members.

"Firstly, my apologies it's taken a few days to get this to you," the email says.

"If you wish to talk to someone specifically about the allegations... please contact our General Secretary.

"If you have any questions or any feedback, do drop me a line at her Labour address."

Ardern told the media on Friday her view and focus was getting the process right for the complainants.

That may be the case - but if you invite feedback from complainants, checking emails, responding to them and acknowledging that contact seems key to getting the process right.