Rugby World Cup 2019: Simon Bridges invites fans to join him at the bar

Simon Bridges says rugby fans should just give up on Spark Sport and go down the pub.

The telco's first foray into livestreaming sport has had a rocky start, with fans complaining of pixelation and other issues during the All Blacks vs Springboks match on Saturday night.

Spark Sport CEO Jolie Hodson told The AM Show on Monday morning the problem was a "configuration" issue with one of its US-based partners, which has now been fixed.

But the National Party leader isn't taking any chances. 

"My advice to people is go free," he told Magic Talk on Monday. "Watch it on TVNZ or go out to a bar."

Spark activated its back-up plan on Sunday, broadcasting three games on TVNZ's Duke channel, and offered angry fans refunds. 

Bridges said his party "could sort of see this was coming", and played a part in National's backing of an ACT Party Bill that extended bars' opening hours during the tournament, which is being held in Japan.

Bridges also had a tempting offer for locals in his electorate who've now got a bit of extra cash to spend on beer. 

"I'm going to watch the next one - here's a tip if you want to come along and abuse me, or abuse the ref or whoever it is - at the Tauranga Citz Club. So there you go." 

The All Blacks' next match is against Canada on Wednesday night at 11:15pm and it will be live updated on