Simon Bridges lashes out at Jacinda Ardern's attempts to curb terrorist content online

Simon Bridges has launched an extraordinary attack on attempts to curb terrorist content online in the wake of the Christchurch attack.

Jacinda Ardern is working with social media bosses to prevent the spread of extreme content, but Bridges claims it's a waste of time and that New Zealanders don't care.

The Prime Minister met with Jack Dorsey of Twitter on Monday to discuss the issue. 

"[She should spend] less time with Jack from Twitter, less time with Facebook, less time worrying about these international issues," says Bridges.

But Anjum Rahman from the Islamic Women's Council says it is vitally important.

"This is important work. This is work that will save people's lives - not just in New Zealand but overseas."

But Bridges thinks New Zealanders aren't that worried.

"I don't think it's something that matters particularly strongly to a whole bunch of New Zealanders," he says.

Rahman says New Zealanders do want to prevent the spread of violent content.

"I think New Zealanders do care that lives are not lost."

Around 10,000 New Zealanders sought help in the wake of the attacks.

"That would have been the distress of the attack but also, for many, it was because they saw that footage online -  I think we have a responsibility to do something about that," says Ardern. 

Bridges' comments are the latest in a series of attack lines he has been running - taxes, Jacinda Ardern's celebrity, calling her a part-time Prime Minister. 

The approach has boosted his internal polling, but targeting the response to the Christchurch terror attack in the lead-up to the six-month anniversary will be seen by many as a bridge too far.