Woman misses flight, Jacinda Ardern takes her seat

A Wellington woman missed her flight on Sunday, and the passenger who took her place was none other than the Prime Minister.

Jacinda Ardern appears to have been on standby for a space on the plane, and when Hannah Mundell didn't show up in time she was given her seat.

Mundell posted a tweet explaining the one-in-a-million situation, saying she'd booked her ticket with a group of friends. Ardern sat with them in her place, and she wasn't alone - one-year-old Neve sat on her mum's lap.

Ardern got on so well with the group she ended up filming a video for one of the women's daughters, whose name is Freya.

In the video posted to Twitter by Mundell, Ardern greets Freya by name and turns the camera on baby Neve for her to say hi as well.

"Sounds like your mum's been away seeing Hugh Jackman, I hope she got you a present," Ardern says before bidding her goodbye. 

"And no tattoos, not til you're older," she finishes the video by saying. "You might change your mind."

It's understood the flight was from Auckland to Wellington, as Jackman performed two shows at Spark Arena on Friday and Saturday.