Duncan Garner: Outcry over Shane Jones playing with an AR15 is stupid

OPINION: The upset over Shane Jones holding an AR15, a semi-automatic on a range in Asia, shows we need to get over ourselves. So damn what? Nothing illegal. 

The media has taken a stick to this. I reckon Jones posted the pic because he knew the wet, woke, wallies would throw their arms in the air and scream: "It's Shane, it's Shane with a machine gun! Bad bad look!" 

But Jones is playing with us, he wants to look like a bloke on the range. I'd lose the singlet though Shane, put on camo. 

But listen up. It's entirely legal where he was, he was in a controlled space following all the rules. It's how it should be done. 

We don't believe Jones is about to go off the range and do something terrible, he was on holiday enjoying some free time. 

I hope the PM doesn't even waste her time talking to Shane about it. What are you going to say Prime Minister? Shane does what Shane does. Here's a list of what you can and can't do Shane when you're off work, what's allowed, what's not. He'll say yes Prime Minister but mean the opposite. 

To the media for running the story, I'm sorry, but we do ourselves no favours with running nonsense angles like this. What Jones did was entirely legal and in no way does it undermine what we are doing here.

If he was doing it here, showing off, posting pics he'd look like a knob and yes it'd be a problem. But actually isn't it more offensive that our regional champion has bypassed the regions for a holiday - and gone overseas? 

Naughty Shane, back New Zealand. Also, it's dirty flying overseas. All that carbon when you could have grabbed an electric car, a water pistol and taken the auntie, the Mrs Dot, to Castlepoint on the Wairarapa Coast. 

Well, at least he's moved on from the pie, the Powerade, the cheap Auckland hotel and the $29.95, in house blue movie.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.