Gun City owner David Tipple to have dinner with Winston Peters, Shane Jones after winning auction

The owner of New Zealand's largest gun store will have dinner with Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and MP Shane Jones after winning a charity auction on Trade Me.

Gun City owner David Tipple paid $7350 to have dinner with the pair, the auction for which closed on Thursday evening.

It comes after the recent introduction of the final Arms Legislation Bill. Tipple had previously said MPs were letting the alleged Christchurch terrorist win by banning the weapons he used.

But Tipple insists gun law reforms are not the reason he bid for the dinner.

"Is there anybody I ever sit down with anywhere in public where it wouldn't get raised? Sure it will get raised," he told NZME. "But that's not the purpose for the meeting."

The auction he won was raising money for Koru Care - a charity for children with disabilities or terminal illness.

Tipple wasn't happy with the Government's hurried gun laws, telling a select committee in April: "Rushing this good-feel law is causing division".

By banning them, Tipple said politicians were bowing to the alleged killer's wishes.

"If you pass this law in its present form, you will be helping him win," he told the select committee.